Best Adventure Farm in Germany

If you are planning a road trip with your family which is adventurous with your family to Germany the best time to tour is during the summer time. Germany is the best place to be from the roller coaster, and this fantasy worlds will satisfy thrill seekers.

Top Adventures farms in Germany




This amusement park is located on the northern part of German, was founded in the 1960s as a tale forest destination. This part covers 74 acres of land this is not a natural attraction has a petting zoo, playground and barbeque grills. Here you will enjoy the seen of constructed dinosaurs and a real road museum as well as a historical gauge locomotive and many collections of mushrooms, insects and butterflies. The entry fees of this are 20 euros per person, and the entry is free for all kids under 0.9 m


Hansa Park


This is a park located in Klerksdorp and near the Baltic Sea and was opened back in 1977. This is the five the most significant part of great Germany, and research has shown that it attracts millions of visitors each year. It is divided into 11 different theme areas which include pirate land, adventure land, Mexico, medieval fair, western town and other six. Each area has a ride and shows based theme. This is a favorite adventure ride of the thrill lovers and is known as the flying Dutchman.


Tier- und Freizeitpark Thüle


This is an animal and leisure adventurous park it covers 8 and a half acres of amusement attractions and wildlife which the whole family will enjoy. In this magnificent park, there are over 600 species of animals from all over the world and ride and play equipment for kids.


There is a wide outdoor enclosed and humanely designed for approximate 120 animals species. Many of the visitors come to his park to enjoy the scene of monkeys. There are also pink flamingos, egrets, herons, ibis and red ibises and kangaroos to name a few. Kinds will enjoy the swing boats and other riding equipment, tractor trains, trampolines and other things.


Heide Park


This is a park located in Soltau Germany it is about an hour drive from Hannover, and this park sits on 210 acres, and this is one of the biggest parks in Germany. It is divided into five areas. This park has 40 rides that target families, and the thrill is very popular.